Solo Package: $1000
The Solo Package will get you a single music video shot and directed by our director, Ben Hughes, and edited by Ben Hughes or one of our other extremely skilled editors.
This package allows for filming in as many locations as necessary, and as many filming hours as necessary to create the optimal video.
If you don't have any ideas for the subject matter of your video, then after listening to the song, Ben Hughes will create the concept/script (also known as the "treatment") for the video, or work with you to develop a treatment that satisfies you. Ben Hughes will also help you find the locations that you need for your video.
Ben Hughes will provide all the camera and lighting equipment for the video as well.
The first 500 dollars pays for all the filming, directing and pre-production needs of your video.
The second 500 dollars pays for all the editing, post-production, and delivery of your video.

Indie Package: $2000
The Indie Package will get you everything from the solo package, as well as the help of two Production Assistants with specialties in various aspects of film production, such as camera work, management, sound recording, lighting, and more. The two production assistants chosen for this job will be the ones most suited for your video needs, they may be freelance workers hired specifically for your production, or one of the official members of our team.
The Indie Package is helpful if you would like more than one person to shoot your video, for slightly more complex or higher budget productions than the Solo Package.

Studio Package: $4000

Special Offers: